Be Ready for the Unexpected!

Tactical Training

We provide firearms training across the tactical spectrum from the introductory to advanced levels using rifles, shotguns, or pistols.  Additionally, we provide training that meets the state of Virginia and the state of Utah concealed pistol permit requirements. Classes are scheduled by appointment.

Gunsmithing and Tactical Equipment

We carry a wide variety of accessories (optics, holsters, cleaning kits, etc) that we recommend for use.  We specialize in the AR-15 rifle and provide parts and gunsmithing services to include building complete rifles from stripped receivers.

First Aid Training

We provide first aid classes from basic to advanced combat trauma. We also provide American Heart Association CPR/AED training, and a full spectrum of first aid kits.

Food Storage

We proved high-quality freeze dried food products with the ability to rotate stock using some really cool shelving systems.  We can conduct a “Be Ready Party” with clients to demonstrate our products and show them how usable they actually are (as opposed to just storing buckets of wheat for example).  We can also help evaluate family needs, and we have a program called “The Q” to allow clients to build their stores on a monthly basis depending on their budget.

Emergency Kits

We provide kits to help families to prepare for emergencies of all sorts.  Again, we consult with clients to determine their needs.